Time to catch up and GoBack !

Happy Middle Winter New Year,

It has been an eternity since I’ve been here but I have been growing, and working, and forming into my true self, whoever she is at this particular time ,I am proud to be her.

I come to you in this cold dead season where everything is dying, the leaves are falling off the tree, the grass is turning brown beneath our feet , Ground as cold as an Alaskan Lake in the winter time and in the season where the energy is the lowest.

There is so much to say about 2017 and what it brought forth, there were lots of beef I mean more than a cow Factory and more tension then you would find in a fitness stretch band. Although I have not been blogging I have definitely been on the social media platforms touring them as if I was paid to do so, and I’m not surprised by what I see due to the age where we are.

You see Pisces is represented by two fish one going in a Direction to which it is unsure and the other traveling in a Direction in its all-knowing purpose, the wool had been pulled over our eyes and we had uncertainty and certainty in the last age, but step into the light Carol Anne ( In My Jaguar Ever More Voice) yes I said it, we are in the age of Aquarius, now many people have speculated as to what the age of Aquarius really means as some have speculated that it is a demonic time, While others have speculated it is the age of knowledge. I myself tend to lean towards the latter, and honey let me tell you” I am here for every moment of it“, I won’t make this particular blog long and boring, however, I do want to mention some changes that are coming to my blog as well as my social media sites in general.

I have been gifted with so many talents that blogging does not cover very many bases for me and so vlogging steps into play,I will continue to post here twice a month until i make the complete transition, posting about different topics some health, some herbal discussions. I’m also in the state of Texas where marijuana is a huge issue here and I am an advocate for the community and so am interested and posting information that pertains to that as well.

Mainly to continue what I’m doing here already but to expand a little more and also to give you a time where you can expect material for me. I hope to begin to post more via the blog but vlogging seems more appropriate in some cases. So with keeping True to this blog this week, I would like to put a spotlight on going dark!

I know the big question is, what do you mean going dark?

Going dark is the term I learned some years ago and it refers to looking within and banishing or removing any and everything that is not serving its purpose to the greater good of your life. It is more commonly known these days as Shadow work, It is not a time to take lightly as this should be understood by the seasons total cold and dark environment.

For me winter is perfect because it’s my time to hibernate and take some time for me, as a Caner sun i tend to take better care of others before i do myself sometimes but 2018 is not that time. There are many different types of practitioners,shaman,witches, priestess and alchemist who are doing Shadow work at this particular, some working with goddesses of the dark some working with other entities, This is totally up to you but my advice is to always do your research on a particular deity,god or goddess that you intend to work with before doing anything else.

There are some great books on different types of witches and the work that they do, I am a firm believer in working with whom you are and that means catering to the different aspects that are pertinent to your DNA makeup.

1.) Please watch to make sure you are not appropriating anyone’s culture and putting out information without having seen a worker or particular figure of that culture a visit. (this is a very sensitive subject especially with African culture taking center stage at this particular time be that of any African people whether it is, Voodoo or voudou, IFA, Santeria or any other culture where the topic of magic and rootwork may be sensitive.)

2.) Look for the elders in the community, there are tons of Facebook groups that have suddenly popped up on Facebook or maybe just were brought to the Forefront with the popularity of magic and root work in the last few years.

3.) Try a group, but I throw caution to the Wind and say to you too also remember to ask questions of your high priestess, which doctor, shaman, or reader.

4.) Ask them how long they have been practicing, or if they have any Godchildren that can vouch for them?

5.) Research the information that they give you if it is something that is researchable on a wide basis cover your bases.

6.) Begin to follow some blogs, vlogs, and websites of people that you know who have been doing this for a while.

7.) Practice every day so that you can learn to discern the difference when speaking to someone who may not be reputable.

8.)Also, make sure to preserve your energy.

( In the year 2016 and 2017 I saw a lot of practitioners whether they are new and just a few seasoned that I have been following for a while, but the tone had changed over the last few years and instead of root workers, shamans and Healers doing the work of healing the Earth as we are supposed to).

We have began to see a tone of Destruction and cursing and this is correct to a certain extent… you see the anger and frustration we are feeling that is boiling over like an unattended pot of water on the stove is supposed to be directed towards the opressive energy that we are fighting against, I am a solitary practitioner and have been for a while and why it is not my intention to tell anyone what to do,i will note when you have practiced for more years then not you begin to understand that your energy is precious and throwing curses Every Witch Way in every direction from North to South will not only drain your natural energy but we’ll also bring those things that you think.

Do I believe in karma, not in the sense of Wiccan but I do believe in universal law and if anyone tells you that that does not exist this is something you should definitely question?

This is a basic law that for every action there is a reaction, and again it is not my intent to tell anyone what to do so I will end this here.

I am reachable through all social media is under the same name here if you have any question, Facebook is one of my main sources of social networking at this particular time but I am moving to other Platforms in order to broaden my audience and perspective.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and if you’ve read this far I would like to say thank you and may your home be filled with prosperity and abundance in this year of 2018.

Saat Naam


Tarot Thursday on a Friday.


Welcome back to the newest edition to my blog,Tarot Thursdays. In my quest to break down the tarot I have run across some hesitation and stress, and if you know  me  then you know that does not work very well for me. So after trying to rush through to get a great blog out I had a chance to sit down meditate and focus, and the answer came out of nowhere.


Keep It Simple Stupid

 A Term most beloved and used by mechanics all around, the phrase invites you to let go of your preconceived notions and simply start with the basics. In general it means if you’re working with a computer and for some reason you get no power, you don’t call a computer guy and complain that your computer is not working. First question that should come to mine is ” Is it getting power? Inviting us to start with the most simple things and work our way up.

Depending on which deck you are using,  you will either get wands  or staffs, in my deck there are staffs . Interchangeable  they represent one where the other  is absent .  Going to keep it short and simple , That is my goal for today so let’s jump right into it shall we?

Wands/staffs- represent fire, physical energy, enthusiasm, vitality ,Travel,action, a challenge in love.

Wands/staff Full suite

Zodiac signs this card could represent-

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

These signs represent fiery temperament, people with this sign need to know they are alive either through conflict or excitement and the consequences are of little concern. 

They learn by doing and the feeling of exhilaration experienced surpasses feelings they get from being passive. They thrive on Conquest in love and in business, they enjoy the challenge more than the reward. These people are fueled by challenges New Horizons and Conflict for without them they become melancholy, they despise the feeling of Despair and anyone who entertains the idea.

So we will start with the very first card the Ace of Wands/Staffs– 

Here are 6 facts about the:

 Ace of Wands/Staffs

1.) Represents energetic beginning to a project, eagerness, strength,love and courage this card appears when action takes place.

2.) The representation of clear skies are an indication of a Clear Vision of the purpose at before you.

3.) Can also signify great sexual and physical energy.

4.) Putting a plan into action.

5.) In a relationship reading this card suggest a beginning of a completely new relationship or new stage of a current relationship. Still indicates travel just within the scope of the relationship.

6.) When the Ace of Wands comes in reverse it still means moving forward however there’s an indication of a delay. Maybe an old project needs to be finished up before starting a new. Also delay in travel.

That is all for this week, because we are doing one card at a time these blog shall be short but I plan to give as much information as you need. Thank you again for joining me this week I say to you as always

” May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again.”


The Magic of Covering your head.

Originated: sub-Saharan Africa

Meaning/purpose: modesty, spirituality, Prosperity, protection.

For as long as the beginning of time head wraps have been a part of our society, long before any recorded history women and men we’re using wraps on their head whether it was to protect them from the elements, or enhance their beauty or status symbolism. First recorded history of head wraps is around the 13th century B.C. Assyrian Text, it was a practiced reserved for Aristocrat women and or women of the faith however was forbidden for prostitutes and the  lower status and people were told that if they saw either one of these women or anyone who were not supposed to have a wrap on their hair actually wearing a wrap, they were to snatch it off their head and shame them in public. I’m sure you can use your imagination as to how that went, moving on!

Christianity and veiling.

Veiling was required for women who entered the church to cover their heads and this is still tradition in some Churches. 
(Disclaimer *** I am not a Christian!)

St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians explicitly refers to this:

“Every woman who prays or prophesied without her head covered dishonours her head.

Magic work and head wraps!

I get pretty squeamish when I hear someone say that they are new to the craft and that they have been performing Magic, most of the time the first thing that come to my head is “I wonder if she protected herself”? “I wonder if her home is protected”? 

After doing this for so long you learn to keep your home and yourself protected as such we are in a time where a lot of people are called to do lightwork, magic, witchery, shamanism or psychic work. I am ecstatic, there’s never been a time where I have more sisters in this life, but on top of that excitement lies worry, worried for any of my sisters who are doing this powerful work without protecting themselves.

For emitting positive energy,spirit communication, and Meditation.

White is for lightwork!

Black is for protection when Hexing and heavy duty work like curses, working with blood and demons. 

Watch out now!πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Protection is key! Wrapping your head is one of the most sacred rituals that you can do before you start ayour work, getting into the habit of wrapping your hair before you do any work insurers that you keep negativity out and keep positivity in, or that you are protecting your energy as you are doing work. 

There are tons of videos and blogs and vlogs on how to wrap your hair, there is no right or wrong way as long as it is wrapped comfortably so that you are able to maintain Focus. There are plenty of cultures and religions where you can observe the tradition of head wrapping, Voudun, Christianity, Muslims,Sikhs and many more, but what is most importantly is what you feel and how you feel. In order to get used to it my recommendation is that you wear your hair wrapped at least twice a week for a full day if you’re able to, this way you get used to something being on your head and can begin to tap into that Kundalini Rising from sacral chakra all the way to your crown chakra. Remember that by protecting your head from the spiritual elements you are in essence respecting your head.

Quick story:

I had a friend named Charlene now this happened several years ago, Charlene is well on her path and has been doing this since she learned her lesson.

Charlene followed several powerful wirches online and decided she wanted to perform a hexing spell on her ex, she prepped everything and begin to light her candles. Knowing that I had been in the lifestyle for quite some time she decided to do the work without asking the questions that were on her mind, one of them was should she wrap her head? She called me the next day so excited and elated that she had did her spiritual cleanse, her ritual and then sent out negative energy and the hex to her ex, I instantly knew something was wrong her energy was off and I told her that but she told me that she felt fine as such we went on our way.

 About a week later Charlene called me crying talking about how her hair is falling out, her hair was well past her shoulders wavy beautiful and thick, but when she sent me a picture I could see the dark energy attached to her. Charlene has double sevens as her karmic card and as a result she began to receive her karma instantly, she just had not noticed it until a week later. We discussed her workings and what she did do and what she didn’t, when she did not mention protecting herself I began to ask questions. 

The first thing I always ask about is protection because it is so important, her response to me was” it was just a little hexing spell should not have caused so much damage”… my reply to her was,” well, how damaged are you?” Of course I was being sarcastic, and this pissed her off but to be honest with you I did not care. You cannot do work on your own and then cry about what you did not do later, she knew that she should have asked me if she needed to do anything else. When I explained to her that the reason her hair was falling out was because she did a hexing spell without protecting her own energy and because her karma cards are seven which is Instant Karma that was the reason does she was having her problems.

 I said all of this to say what I’ve been saying from the beginning, 

“respect your head sisters protect your head”.

I do apologize as it was my intent to post pictures step by step instructions on how to wrap your hair, but after my search I saw that there were thousands of videos and blogs about it and to me it does not make sense to repeat information, I am here to disperse new information so that we can move to this next level together.

Last word:

I hear you-” I Been doing work and ain’t nothing happen to me yet.” 

To that I say- You want to become more powerful Bihh or you want to be low level?!?

Level up!

If this article resignates with you and you feel someone else needs to know this information, please share this article on your page and why don’t you give it a like while you’re here or you can leave a comment.

As always May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again namaste

Tarot Thursdays

What does it say to you?

In light of recent questions that I have received about tarot cards, gave me a good idea. I decided to start Tarot Thursdays, for this information I will try to give you the basics so that when you receive a reading you will know what to look for. So let’s get started shall we?

Before I begin to talk about tarot cards here are some of my thoughts and advice that I have been given as well as have been intuitively advised by my Spirit guides.

Danielle wrote in asking a question about having so many readings done in a year, here is her question.
( Hello Rosha, thank you so much for this blog. I am a newbie to the magical community and have so many questions. I have read nearly all of your blogs and love the information that I receive, I even take notes. 

1.)My question is, How many times a year should I have a reading?

 2.) Is there a limit on the amount of reading that I should receive within a year? 

3.)Can I go to different readers to double-check information?)

Danielle my dear heart, thank you so much for writing in this question, I have been asked this before and I’m glad to address it on this blog. To answer your first question I must address the last question. Can you go to different readers to double-check information? 

My answer here is a big fat NO!!! Number one it is not cool to worker hop although you may want to spend your money frivolously by having people read you  over and over ,you must understand that everyone will not get the same information or the same signs. Some people will be able to confirm the same thing but Spirit may come to them with a different message that you may need to hear at that time.  Also this may cause doubt in the original message that you received from the first person and what you must understand is nothing in life is imminent, if you are not happy with something that a worker told you don’t wait on it to flourish, begin to change exactly what it is about the situation to better the outcome. No worker deserves being checked after especially if they put their heart and soul into your reading, it’s not about having anything to hide it is simply about understanding that Spirit does not relay message the same way to everyone.

And your first and second question can be answered together, How many times a year should you receive a reading and is there a limit. 

I once had a wise Shaman woman tell me two choose what I wanted to know because I will not be able to know everything that’s just not how life works, my advice with this question is to find a reader who offers a package that you like, trust me there are plenty of my sister’s online if you are wanting to support your community who are up for the challenge. I of course am one of those sisters and I do not mind assisting especially when it comes to Life’s troubling Waters. I would say no more than 2 to 3 a year and probably not the same thing , I say this because you want to give anything good about the reading time to play out and come into fruition. When you receive a tarot reading remember that certain words could mean something different. For example a card could be mentioning pregnancy or the birth of something, this does not necessarily mean a baby or that you are pregnant it could mean that you are about to birth a great idea for a great company or it could also mean that you are pregnant with ideas and creativity that you want to birth, and sometimes it means that you are or will get pregnant. Either way you should always keep an open mind and try to look at the full spread not just one card. 

I hope that answers your question Danielle if you have any further concerns or questions you know how to contact me until then I hope this blog helps you understand more.
Basic introduction to Tarot.

 Tarot cards are a divination tool and it should be noted that tarot can help you in all areas of your life, your love life, future, past life, in the present, complicated situations and the like. The Tarot is more than a set of cards it is a book of life. Life offers us infinite numbers of possibilities yet we sometimes limit our self through habit, change, fear or simple routine. The Tarot can not only help with predicting the future but can be used for any other purposes as to highlight spiritual cause of events and shed light on lessons that should be learned from challenges presented.

What is the tarot?

Taro is a system of 78 printed cards

22 Major, 56 Minor ,1 Blank.

Major Acana Cards- can tell you spiritual causes of everyday events or tells of underlying issues to be learned from a situation.

Minor Acarana cards– details everyday happenings, or tells of problems in love relationships and the like.

I often tell people that tarot is much like your cards that you play card games with, of course they have a hard time understanding this so here is a simple breakdown of how you can look at Tarot and also playing cards, if you don’t have a set of tarot cards at home you can do a reading with plane playing cards. The general breakdown is as such:

Wands =Clubs



Pentecles =Diamonds

Joker=The Fool

These cards may seem very confusing in the beginning however symbols are a language that your subconscious mind are already familiar with and so remembering the cards is really a case of learning the cards, because the tarot is a book of symbols. And although it can illustrate the underlying cause of a situation and reveal the lessons to be learned from a situation it can also be used as an appropriate course of action in any situation given so that one does not have to repeat lessons over and over again.

Thoes who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

There are tons of great books for you to learn about tarot you can check out your local library for more information if you’re not quite up to purchasing a bunch of material quite yet. Your local library can also be a great resource for learning more Magic on your own, it is never my intent to have anyone depend wholly on me to teach them about their spirituality in any given case it is always up to the practitioner. Although a lot of practitioners partake in group settings inevitably it is up to one to practice magic for oneself. However in the case of doubt I am always here to help and although I do offer services for a set fee the case is usually Beyond limited scope. Frankly I love Tarot it is a great way to look into situations into your life whereas before I depended on a sky God or left it up to chance by stating that I would put it into a deities hand and not take care of it myself, by practicing independent and taking responsibility for my actions I am not only intern helping my greater self but I am also changing my universe for the greater good. That is all for now as always I wish you peace love and light and if you have any questions you can reach me on any one of my social media sites. Until then check back next Thursday for another edition of Tarot Thursdays.

Please comment here on the Blog and give it a like so that I may continue to see the support here, when it’s done just on Facebook it only gives me Facebook credit and not credit for my blog here.

As always May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again. Namaste

What to know when joining a Brujas Group.

Anything that I tell you I tell you in love, all those that mean me harm ,your ill-will is turned back and resent.

So it is 4 in the morning Central Time and of course I will and fortunately I’ve gotten used to working at night, I realized how valuable my energy is and connecting to the source, the most high, God whatever it is that you call it, requires energy and dedication.

Time brings forth experience and experience is the best teacher, I guarantee you no one can teach you the experience of living your best life. Everything is already in the works it just has to all come together and be brought forward,There are a few very important Moon’s left this year and so I plan to wrap up any major projects by the blood moon in October. The path of solitary is one that I have followed for a while as I am at peace with my self and my environment, still enlight of that i wanted to find some sisters to be around this year and although this has always been a challange for me in the past I tried anyways. Deciding to step outside of my comfort zone and open myself up to a few groups of women like myself and I had never done this before for so many obvious reasons that I won’t even begin to delve.


Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to women who themselves are either vulnerable or they are pretending to be vulnerable can sometimes be dangerous because of the limited connections that can actually be made. In a situation like so you have to be mindful that this person pratices a craft that could easily be used against you.

Deciding to have one or two friends that you see on a regular basis ,one that you can give a hug to an ask for forgiveness if you offended and know their spirit is somthing different. You don’t want to offerings the wrong Bruja and she work some shit on you that has your hair falling out in patches,all your workings failing and uproar in your home.

I don’t practice ill-will towards anyone, when I reset my alter, or when I am forging for materials I do not wish to have confrontation with anyone but by being open I allowed that to happen this year and was open to a full-on attack that I was not ready for simply because it is never My Wish to have confrontation with anyone especially someone I do not know personally,But I digress and wish not to bring negativity into my space but only to allow you to understand why the beginning of your journey into any form of ritualistic lifestyle change is the most sacred time of your practice and is the best time to gain your footing and ground yourself.

This universe is vast and full of so much knowledge I never would have understood what entering the age of Aquarion meant but I believe that it is such a beautiful thing although you have some who don’t understand that. We all have a path or religious way I don’t believe it is necessary for judgement,everyone does not practice the same faith, think of it as your fingerprint or DNA. No one has exactly the same DNA pattern that you have just like no one’s fingerprints are exactly like yours, you are uniquely made and so should your Pratice of your spirituality.

There are a few things that I would like to tell you before you start doing any type of group joining.

1.) Protect yourself.

I know what your thinking?

(“so Rosha are you saying that when I get into these groups that I will not be protected, or that I need protection if I would like to join this group? How sway?”)
Yes. I am saying all of that and some more. Psychic attacks, attacks on your family, attacks at your relationship are real, and although we would love to believe that everyone is down with us and on your level, but later you find out everybody don’t get down like that.

The truth is in the beginning you are a newbie and very prone to attacks by someone who doesn’t like you for no reason at all, or maybe you said something that they completely did not agree with and they causing the feel some type of way . You wouldn’t understand what the hell is going on it would just be a whole bunch of bad happening in your life and it could have happened simply because you joined this group and maybe you offended somebody by something you said.

Some people are into some really deep and dark magic and live just to dominate people or put them in their left shoe LOL, does it make it right? The truth is it just is……. I’ll go over more of this later for the sake of time and posting this.

If you’re wondering about protection this is a I have a great article on protection and some tools that you can use in order to banish negative you will.

2.) Be sociable,be excited, be quiet.
Yeah, yeah I said it. Enter the group, introduce yourself even if you have experience, read some of the files to see where the information is and what has already been posted and then have a look-see around.
Why am I telling you to be quiet though right? Because often times we enter into group where there is a head honcho and she probably has 40 of the people in the group in her coven and so on. Entering the group as a head honcho when there is already a chief makes you look like you are trying to take over something that they brought forth. This one here I could go on and on forever but I will just cut it off here because as a practitioner anyone who is reading this should understand where I am coming from, maybe you have experience this. I know I have.

3.) Be respectful and engage your fellow sisters if you’re knowledgeable in a specific subject. Contrary to the statement it is not contradictory to the statement above it. Let me explain, sharing knowledge that you have with a fellow sister that may also be new is a great way to get to know your fellow sisters. Where the problem seems to arise is when people decide to be condescending because someone else does not agree with something that they posted, or someone who’s more experience in the group comes in and then there’s this whole big mess. As a newbie you want to learn, so stick to finding the information you need so that you may improve your skills. Stay out of drama it will make for a better experience.

4.) Know when to back down.

And this very lovely magical Community you will find many different types of personality, calm people, fiery and Fierce People, loving and mothering energies, father like Energies just a Slough. As such I was once told by a wise woman that no matter how big bad and bold you think you are, there is somebody out there bigger, better, and tougher. Now I ain’t no punk but honestly I just would rather use my energy in a more positive way.

5.) If you leave, leave quietly.

I see it all the time, even in groups that are not considered bruja but it’s so funny when someone decides to rent before they leave, there’s always some smart ass, or jackass that is going to start the attack. All it takes is one and here come everyone else after you. What sense does it make to tell someone you’re not happy with like an abuser that you are leaving? That type of action is what gets a lot of women killed. You should think of yourself the same way, not as being in an abusive relationship but being in a relationship or group ship that you are not happy with. Pack up your things head to the notification quietly leave the group. Otherwise you might as well get ready for the mob mentality which is a huge presence in the way of social media.

Despite my information some ladies will ignore my warning but I caution you same as I did in the beginning to be careful because you make all on something that you don’t want.

All in all just be respectful and mindful that some people’s feelings are more easier to hurt than others, as we grow spiritually we begin to build up spiritual calluses if you will. Some people have yet to feel that roughness that they need, some are such babes that they come in wandering and feeling around in the dark Kama only to be led to the ledge of a cliff sometimes. And if the edge of that cliff are snakes, alligators, water moccasins, amoeba and and anything else waiting for fresh meat. If you stick to these very simple guides then you will get along just fine and will be making sisters and no time that will have your back for a lifetime.
This blog did not take me very long at all and it was on my heart to do for a while. However I will expand more later once all my channels are up and running and I know it’s taking forever but I want it done right.

Well loves that is all for now but as I always say, May the longtime sun shine on you my friend until we meet again.


Full Moon Magic For August 2017.

Hello loves and welcome back to my blog, no time to waste so let’s jump right into this week’s topic. 

First of all I want to say congratulations to all of the winners from the  Rickett Crown Blue contest, your gifts have been packed up and shipped out and you should receive them shortly. I hope that you all will keep me updated when you decide to use your Reckitt’s Crown Blue tablet and let me know what your results are.

Outside my home Aug. 8, 2017.

Full moons are a time for us to really focus ourselves and depending on what moon it is there are always lessons to be learned and time to be cherished. 
This time brings us to the Full moon in Aquarius…

The full moon in Aquarius brings energy for Higher Learning, teaching, originality and to make changes in your life. When we incorporate Magic we should understand that the more positive energy we put out, the more positive we will receive in return. The more negative and manipulative energy, the more we will receive negatively back. Remembering the rule of three, some believe this means three times and some believe that this could mean on a physical, spiritual, and mental level. 

Either way your karma is just that…yours

Because there is generally some confusion about what days to practice what kinda of magic I offer you this simple breakdown. 

Rights of the Sun (prosperity,success) are for Sunday’s.

Rites of the Moon ( Fertility , Psychic Development) are done on Mondays.

Rites of Mars (Protection,Vitality) are done on Tuesdays.

Rites of Mercury  ( career, Communication) are done on Wednesday.

Rites of Jupiter  ( expansion, adundance) are for Thursdays.

Rites of Venus (Love,Creativity) and done on Friday’s. 

Rites of Saturn (Protection, Grounding) are done on Saturday’s. 

Rites of Neptune (Mystic connections) are done on Friday’s.

Rites of Uranus ( Genius, Change) are done on Wednesday’s.

Rites of Pluto ( transformation) are done on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.

Knowing this planetary Guide will help you at any point and time where you feel you would like to work your magic throughout the week. However just because there is no planetary alignment or planetary help does not mean that you should not perform whatever ritual, spell, or ceremony that you may need to do in any case of an emergency or in case you may have missed a ritual

I have tons of sisters who complain about why their spells are not coming to pass, oftentimes is because we have performed our magic during a Time where are magic was not received well. For instance doing a open road spell, or a spell to buy a new home during a waning moon may not come to fruition, this can be attributed to the fact that the Moon is in a decreasing stage. Which is not a good time to ask for things to be brought to you, it is a time to banish and to push things away from you. Again I would never tell anyone how to practice their craft, but there are some simple answers to some of our questions about why our magic is not being fruitful for us or as fruitful as we had hoped it could be. Instead of doing an open road spell  or wishing for a new home one may want to banished roadblocks, or banish any obstacles in their way.

There is strength in numbers.

I remember when I first began working my spell magic, I’m sure it was the early 2000s and I was making bath products for clients at a yoga studio that I worked. 

It never really came to mind why a lot of my potions had so much potent energy behind them yet I still feel as if I needed assistance. At that particular time I definitely could have used a mentor, but pushing through as I did I learned so much on my own from so many different sources that it allowed me not to be restricted to one area of studies. One thing that I did learn was that if you’re going to participate in the magical world as such whether you follow a pagan path or one of the abrahamic religions there is definitely something to strength being in numbers. Then I needed someone that I could speak with about my potions and bath oils, I knew that I was doing them right but I wasn’t for sure if my incantation were coming across correctly. I was unsure whether I was clearing my crystals correctly, and I was unsure if the herbs I was using which I was getting from the grocery store were adequate enough for what I was trying to do.

 If I knew then what I know now I probably would have not hidden my gifts as much as I did, I was never ashamed of anything that I was able to manifest whether it was healing, love, or hexing someone. To the contrary it made me special and different, scary to some but only if you did not know me. Being a Shaman means so much more to me than mixing up herbs in the kitchen, and although I am self-proclaimed I should mention there is no set system other than what someone else has decided a shaman should be, and therefore I have set my own rules and my own system in order to reach out into the planet and communicate with the universe.

 Tomorrow is another day that we get to live that we have never lived before, we get to lay out a path before us and it is our choice to continue to do the same thing and receive the same results, or choose to vibrate on a higher level. I myself choose to vibrate higher, leaving the lower vibrating energies of this Earth is a release for.

My plans are going as follow, I am excited and although this full moon teaches us to look inward so that we may Elevate ourselves spiritually, I am excited where I am at this particular time. I invite you to check out the next few blogs that I will be posting, my plans are to talk about Astrology, Vegan and Vegetarian meals, Kundalini Yoga and product recommendations. 

August has turned out to be a month of thinking and elevating and I for one accept. 

This week’s recommendation:

Product Recomedation:

Neem oil-

This week’s product recommendation is the beautiful tree of Neem. Neem oil has been used for thousands of years in India, it comes from the sacred neem tree which has many great properties.

  1. Antibacterial 
  2. Antifungal 
  3. Antiparsitic 

Because of these powerful properties this oil is good for many things here is a list of 10.

  1. Acne– Has aspirin like affects on pimples.
  2. Dandruff – simply rub some on your scalp after shampooing.
  3. Darkspots– dilute with Coconut oil; Almond; or Olive Oil and dap on dark spot.
  4. Dry skin– helps to naturally balance sebum in the skin.
  5. Evens Skin tone– Place on a cotton ball and apply to clean dry face.
  6. Frizzy Hair – simply place a small amount in palm of your hand while shampooing.
  7. Hair Growth– by using the methods listed above you will receive these benefits.
  8. Oily Skin– Again balancing moisture and sebum.
  9. Treats Black Heads- Cotton ball method.
  10. Tightens Pores- Fresh clean face, apply same as others.

Word of caution!!! If you are pregnant do not use neem oil.

Always dilute neem oil because of the potency and the strong smell is not for the faint of nose.

 Please do not ingest neem oil.

And lastly I would like to send a very special love and light bubble to my sister Carletta Savage!!! The universe could not have sent me a more pleasant, kind, patient and compassionate sister to work with, I am so proud of her and I wish for more like her.πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

That’s all for this week I hope you learn something new that will help you along your spiritual path and if you have any questions you can hit my email @ rcaldwell8119@gmail.com or find me on Facebook@ Rosha’s Way !

May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again. Namaste

Let’s Talk about Reckitt’s Crown Blue.

 Welcome back and thank you all for your support. 

I struggled with what topic I wanted to discuss this time around because there are so many things to talk about and such a limited time, so I will discuss what I can and everything else will fall into place.

So let’s get to it shall we!!!

First things first I would like to talk to you about how to deal with relatives, family, friends that feel like you are doing something negative because you choose to understand the reason that you are here in this realm.

 I will use myself as a example.

My mom bliss her heart, is a die-hard,go hard or go home Jesus believer, Bible thumping fan.She raised us up in Christianity and we were always taught that  Jesus was the way to heaven and anything outside of that is a ticket to Hell.

 My mom likes to tag me in these gospel skits, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not and even though my mom knows that I have not attended church consistently in over 14 years,or that I do not wish to attend church nor do I wish to  have a pastor but she keeps trying on the slick….lol….

 I guess that’s the down fall of Facebook..Everyone has one.( Including jesus)


 Recently i sent her some protective salts,and forgot to include instructions…*Face palm* now if there is one thing you should know is that salt are for protecting and banishing. 

The first question she asked was “What is this, this ain’t No Hoodoo is it?

My home made Black salt, to Banish all evil.

 I am from Louisiana , and  our history goes back deep on that land and when people speak of Voodoo, or hoodo as they like to call it ,you are told to steer away from people like that. Problem is that we are people with many gifts, and our gifts should not be made for us to feel ashamed. I honestly believe this is the cause of a lot of depression, hurt and anger in the world. But I digress

In any essence I would never try to put anything on anyone especially without their permission, that’s not how I work. I am very loving and protective of the people that are in my immediate family, so my first thought is “If I know something why not let them know”. All the while they are thinking that I’m over here praying to some Satan, and worshipping devils. Wow!!!! This is people that have known me all of my life, all of a sudden they feel like I am evil. To my mom(Love you Mom) No it’s not Hoodoo, it’s protection from Hoodoo and Your welcome!

When it all comes down to it, and when everything is said and done, We are all doing the same thing, we’re just doing it to different deities.(Yes Jesus is a deity). 

 And although I am not here to change anyone’s religion, I would hope that it is the same for those that choose to check in and see what I’m posting on a daily basis. The way you feel about me is none of my business and so I respect that and would hope that you respect my views.

Okay so that was my little rant for the week!

I do have one recommendation in this blog, and if you have made it this far you deserve what I’m about to speak about.  Simply like this blog here, share it on your page, and comment,& I will send you a free Ricketts Crown Blue.

 I am only giving away 10 so if you’re interested better hop to it, go ahead and read on to understand the great benefits of this awesome little tablet.

Reckitt’s Crown Blue

Removes Negative Energy,Bad Juju, Unwanted spirits.

This little gem is used by High Priestess, Spirit workers, healers, shamans and the like also known as “Blue Water”  such workers would keep a bowl or jar out in the corner of their home or work space to keep evil spirits away . 

 Is also safe to use with laundry and in spiritual baths, it does not contain dye or bleach .  Also is used for Gamblers luck.

 Saging is great for light negative energy however if you have something more stubborn and evil, or a really bad spirit you have this as an option and there is no smoke involved.

Use safely for laundry or spiritual baths.


In my quest to find more suitable removal options for my home, I have come across making my own Florida water and so many wonderful tonic’s but sometimes those options are not available as I have a newborn and since smoke can really bother him, here is what happened when I use this wonderful little tablet.

First thing you want to do is get a glass, or ceramic bowl or jar. I decided to use a mason jar as I tend to favorite those.

Second thing you want to do is make sure the jar or a bowl that you were using has been cleansed and purified,then you simply take the Reckitts break it up, place 1/8th of a tablet for ever quart of water in your bowl or jar. It is activated by either hot or cold water so it really does not matter which one you use.

 Place your water in the bowl with the reckitts and take your hand and either place it over or inside the bowl or jar and begin to imagine as you stir clockwise that your family is being protected .

Imagine your home is being rid of negativity, that no negativity, evil or any type of bad energy is allowed into your home, you want to send all negative energy attempting to enter a big stop sign.

Tell the water what to do, and make sure that you are visualizing as you are staring in a clockwise motion.

 When you have said what you needed to say and you feel that there is nothing left to say take the bowl or jar and place it in a corner somewhere where you feel the most negative energy resides. Leave it therefore a day and when you’re done you can take it and flush it down the toilet, or you can rid it by pouring the solution on a tree and it shall grow into something beautiful.

I would not recommend pouring down the sink as it could come back up on you so rid yourself of it carefully.

Here are photos or of the jar I did and though I smudge  fairly often there was still some gunk on my home… 

Her are the end results of my cleasning!!

 Gross right????

  Often times energies can be stubborn and smudging only pisses them off, In that case there are so many things that you can do to protect yourself in your home.  Once you rid your home of the negative energy that impedes on your space, you can then begin to look into other things in order to keep your home free and clear.

 Here are a few herbs that have protective qualities, some of them you may already have on your cabinet but are not activating to assess their full potency, yes the list is accessible through Facebook nut it is very accurate, of course I will address this topic in a later blog but for now here you go.

May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again.

Smudging: The Art of Saging.

Hi loves,

 I know it’s been a minute but I’m back with some very interesting NEWS!!!! First and foremost I want to say that even though I had planned on going to the beach for my BIRTHDAY sadly it didn’t happen, (πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”) but I’m okay with that as I do understand that later will be greater. 

On that note for my birthday I had a very beautiful Cajun meal at a Louisiana spot here in Houston ducked off over in the heights area. I saw the most beautiful plants at this location and took a picture that I would like to share with you.

 Such a lovely site isnt it?!?!? It really did calm my anxiety about the whole issue, although I wasn’t to distraught about it because I knew that there was a possibility that we were not going to make it,and with that in mind let’s get to the topic for the week.

Smudging The Art of Saging

 Generally I Sage the most during a waning moon, If you’re not familiar with the moon phases you can easily check out and number of websites that will explain to you its phases, however this article is not typically focused on that topic.

When the moon is waning it is decreasing and therefore is the best time for this type of maintenance, I have found that doing this more while Moon is waning leaves my home free and clear for any work  that is necessary to flow during new moon , Now this is not to say that I do not Sage while the Moon is waxing it just so happens that I do this less during this time.

I partake in a banishing or clearing ritual at least once a week up until the Darkmoon ,where I like to give it a big shebang and do any major spell work during the this time. These rituals can be as simple as, taking my cleasning bath anywhere from 3 to 5 days, and of course I give myself plenty of time before the new moon to do this. 

 Anytime you are banishing and clearing for yourself is a good time to do for your home, doing this can range anywhere from sweeping your home of all negative Energies, washing your floor with a magical floor wash, saging your home anywhere from 3 to 5 days anytime before the dark moon, or cleaning around your windows in order to sprinkle fresh black salt to keep negative energy from entering your home.

 Financial blessings, new love, or calming the atmosphere in the home. No matter what your target or reasoning for wanting to clear the space in your home, it’s always the best time during a waning moon.

If you choose not to clear your home you leave yourself and your space without any defense, and when you are not sure what’s lurking can be an explanation as to why what you put out into the universe has not come into fruition,so it’s safe to say that it is important to do what is necessary.
Simple right? 

If you are not sure what type of energy is lurking in your home, this is understood by simple way of recall. Ask yourself these simple questions ..

Do you feel stressed out in your home? 

Are you sad or feel sad when entering ? 

Do you cry and have panic attacks say in a certain room in the home?

 Is someone in your home having nightmares?

 Do you hear loud bangs and bumps when there’s no one else in the home? 

These are all important things to know and more importantly where you should focus when clearing your space.

There are many different types of herbs that you can smudge with, more than likely if you watch the Youtube video, Google a article on smudging, or if you’ve been passed down the knowledge from your ancestors then you are familiar with White sage.

White sage:

There are so many wonderful things to be said about white sage, more importantly it is best to note that it is best for removing negative energy such as sadness, or the energy after you’ve had an argument with your spouse,partner or anyone in your home. 

My Example;

I know sometimes when I am feeling lazy, or in a really nasty funk I will light some Sage and use my Feather fan to focus on specific areas where I feel the most negatively….Most of the time it’s about washing my dishes, LOL. I am sorry but there are so many people in my home and I am always in the kitchen washing dishes. It really is the dread of my life, so I sage  myself and it gives me a quick pick up and soon I’m done with the dishes ready to move on to somthing else.

( I have to insert a disclaimer here, if you are pregnant saging is not recommended, I remember the one time that I did try it when I was pregnant with Christopher and If I tell you I had a headache for 2 days. I honestly could not get rid of that headache. You should go with a more gentle option in order to cleanse and clear your space,before you cleanse your space please do more research to find out what would work best for you.

 on the Lighter Side I’ve heard some of my witchy sisters make reference to Sage spray, magical floor washes, and Florida water. Again I reiterate that there are so many options you simply need to look up a few different sources to make the connection.


 Something else I generally like to use when I’m smudging my home is Palo Santo,This wonderful little miracle bark is so powerful.
Palo Santo is what you would use to remove a more stubborn type of energy such as evil eye, hexes, curses, any type of psychic attacks that you feel. I have to admit when I first begin burning Palo Santo I was overpowered by the scent, it was definitely something for me to get used to and it was new to my little family. You would use it the same way as you would white sage and the same method.


 Something that has become more common and my magical use is the use of a Feather fan. This is a technique that is used to spread the smoke in a wider area much faster.
One thing you don’t want to do is be stuck walking around the room without something to help push the smoke in much-needed areas as sometimes a specific area (usually the corners of the room) need a little extra attention.
In the beginning I used to walk around with one feather and this work perfectly fine for me as at that time, I was not knowledgeable as how to craft my on feather fan and the prices for some of those fans can be quite pricey. I can be a little extra, but usually I like to add my own sass.Recently I began crafting my own feather fans, just so that I could lace my own intention and Power into them, some fans (as beautiful as they are) seem to be quite boring to me.

When I am clearing my home of negative energies I am usually inviting my ancestors,Spirit guides,Archangels and African deities into my home so I felt compelled that when making my own feather fans to add some color and give it some pop.
If you are interested in receiving a feather fan of your own, you can check them out in my Etsy shop, they’re usually quite reasonable and not as elaborate as some that are 35 Plus dollars. I generally try to make them simple but elegant,and if you have any questions or concerns or maybe just general ideas you can email me at RCaldwell8119@gmail.com.

Another disclaimer I should insert is to always give negativity a way to escape, when I am saging my home I usually have the windows closed unless the kiddos are in the hall, other than that I leave the windows and doors closed so that the smoke can saturate each and every crevice that I am focusing on and after a few minutes I will open all windows that I have access to, and even crack the doors.

  Saging can be just as strong as 16 people smoking cigarettes in your home so  you want to give the smoke a chance to clear the air. 

Always use fire safety.

 Please have a container such as an abalone shell or something to carry with you while you Sage, because you are burning a natural herb there tend to be ashes,So dropping them is inevitable.

Last side note, you can use dried rosemary dried mugwort, and a host of other Herb’s in order to smudge your home, white sage works best for me and Palo Santo at least twice a month keeps the air clear in my home and the communication lines open. When practicing your craft, make it your own and don’t let anyone tell you what is best. Trust your intuition it is something that we all have and something that we all can apply at any particular time in our life.

Well loves that is all for now, if you like this article please do me a big favor and share it with someone on your timeline that you love, you can also go like my page on Facebook @Roshasway, and leave a comment while you’re there.

Here is the Exciting news!!!!

My Etsy shop will be up within the week (fingers crossed) so you can make reference when needed. 

I have to tell you I’m so excited about the Itsy shop, and you never know what you’re going to find there because I am a crafty mom I am always crafting up something new. I hope you find something that tickles your funny bone, or tingles your witch  bone.

May the longtime sun shine upon you my friend, until we meet again. Namaste

Magical Time for Cancer, New Moon!

As i have said from the beginning, I am not a professional writer but i am a great Shaman Women. I have been healing myself and my family for many years.. I believe all mothers are Shaman weather they believe it or not.

When we look at the word shaman there are many definitions however it all translates in to a healer, a person able to communicate with the other side and although for some that may mean doing something either evil or not up to their standards is really” None of my Business… Yes.!” I said it and meant every word, and for those that know me will tell anyone that does not that “I dont put on a pony and dance show” and i am not going to pretend that the world is all Roses and chocolates.

Shamanism is what a mother does not what everyone else says that it is, i wont apologize  for being who i am, i have nothing to prove and there for no one to prove it to. Neptune’s Retrograde is about veils being lifted but instead of wasting energies with those that dont, in have to help those that do…


Cancers The Sun is Back!!!!!!!!And so is Mars!


We are in the spotlight with so much to be grateful for, Abundance abundance abundance!!!!! First off  Mars is back until the 20th of July so lets all enjoy that stamania, vitality, energy,sensual energy.

I can attest to feeling like a lovely little flower myself lately but i also enjoyed the energy of the Strawberry Full moon that we just had On June the 9th and when i tell you but was magnificent it was all that i needed to sweeten up the year. I got so much done, I moon bathed a my crystals, made some very powerful moon water, Money and love oil , made a few kits and worked on my jewelry which will be here in my store as soon as we can get everything up and listed.

I mean i really had so much energy to be creative, and because of zodiac being Cancer i willfully create the most in the kitchen(again shaman workings) As i write now i am make my powerful chia Tea for my family because of summer allergies.

So when celebrating summer solstice there are few things that I recommend doing just in order to bring in the season right, With the different planets moving Direct  and in retrograde June brings us to Neptune in retrograde.

For the next six months we will be feeling the effects of this specific planetary retrograde. When Neptune is direct there is a dreamy sort of glare like those Cheesy Glamour shot picture we used to take in the 90’s …You know, really romantically blurred and the like there’s a veil over our face and we’re in a dream like state.

However Neptune’s retrograde is not as harsh as we would say Mercury, I remember when Mercury was in retrograde a lot of the people that I communicate with on a normal basis we’re having trouble especially in the field of communication. That’s because Mercury in retrograde means chaos whether it’s cell phone communication, computer communication, personal or business. However Neptune retrograde is a time where the veil is lifted.

This is a time where we are gently nudged to do instead of think and daydream can feel like a time where everything is strained but really what Neptune is asking us to do is look at the situation for what it is and not what we dreamed it to be.

As Goddess it is my job to take time to look at the situations as it really is, one aspect that i always return to no matter the situation is Yoga.  Yoga has always been a place of rest, my mat welcomes me no matter the mood i am in, its a place to just be.

Crystal’s,  yoga, meditation and opening my charkas activate all those beautiful natural energies in me,i have always known them as they are DNA encoded.

New Moon happening on June 24th 2017( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) since summer is here i thought i would talk about a few things to Help with the Transition.


Start this one off with a cleansing Bath in sea salt preferable . Salt as a whole no matter which it is is always about banishing negativity and bad Juju however, different salts have different uses and different thing added. Be sure of what is being emitted in your purification/ cleansing bath  you should :

1.) Either make the Salt mixture yourself

2.) Buy from a trusted source

I say this because if you dont know what in your mix you can not be sure of what your targeting, this advice is simple for me as i love to mix and shake and stir and bounce, all sounds so Sexy to me! YASSSS Blitch!

Which brings me to my next point!!!


This is very important because often times we dont understand how we pick up other people energy which can stay with us and that could bring up all kinds of things that your may not understand or know where it comes from. I have heard this principle in my up bringing which was (Christian) but since i dont subscribe to that religious aspect i get the infamous (she crazy side eye).

 Crystals– I am a big fan of having a stone or crystal that purify all stones you bring into your space,such as Selenite {which activates the Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th) Charkas}. Selenite is great because it gives access to the spirit realm and spiritual communication,  when it comes to clearing the air and charging your stones, ‘Selenite will get you right.” 

I also keep a Clear Quartz in my home and preferable one in your purse. Now depending on what kind of Quartz you choose to have one thing to always keep in mind is that quartz is about magnification and amplification,knowing the power for which it posses  will also help to bring a clear meaning of its use.

Protection, Banishing negativity, Purification: Use stones such as  Golden Healer, Spirit quartz,Shun-gite,Moldative, and Pink Halite. 

Transformation,Inner light and Joy, Evolution, spiritual knowledge and wisdom: Use Natrolite, Azeztulite, Moonstone,Moldative,Lemurian Seed Crystal, Shiva Lingam.

Passion,Fire,Courage,Creativity,Sensuality,Sexuality,innovation, strength and vitality : Carry stones like,Carnelian,Ruby,Orange Calcite, and Fire opal.

Herbs have magical properties which is the reason when used is stead of  say; Table salt will not only add the flavor of that herb but will also infuse the oils of the Herb which is magical in itself, also natural elements  such as grave yard dirt and many other things that are accessible to you and though some will not agree with me I believe that if you know the use for anything natural dealing with light work then know how to use it and you do what you feel  not what some rules say.

Here is my Disclamer :I do not Follow any type of religion because its not who i am, i am accountable to self and to be mindful of what this being does. It is not my intention to represent any ones religion.

I use the spiritual technology that is avaliable to me, one will have issues with outside influence but when you know what to do it because second nature. There is no need for me to ignore what I have known to be true will not ring true for all.

Mars oh Mars up among the stars after 2 years you grace me with your open arms

Feeling Frisky???

Right now we are getting tremendous support and cheers from the universe ,it is the time to aim high and go for your hearts desires for the fact that you have the support you need and no other is needed, what you want will come so get ready. If your area of growth is that you need to work on your personal goals such as better relationship or finances in order. Don’t procrastinate Get up and MOVE .

Also Jupiter and Venus will bring major improvements in the house of finance and chosen field , Legal Document or litigation should be handled outside of court.  If you must engage just be careful of what you sign as it could come back to haunt you.

Also lets be mindful in the health department to watch your sugar levels,blood pressure and ears be sure to handle as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

My Born day on the 28th of June will bring me back here and please bear with me while i I am revamping my site, bring lot of information that i have soaked up over the years . I don’t have a fancy pictures and bells and whistles just yet, but keep watching I promise it will get interesting. 

“If you feel like this information was helpful for you, then there are at least two who could benefit too, please share this with someone who loves you.

And so it is!