So after having all my test ran they all came back normal, so basically i had Edema… My feet would not go down and this was months befor i was to give birth, i know i know” Every pregnancy is different”.  So  i took it for what it was and decided i would rest as much as possible bacuse i couldnt really walk on them, the tops and bottom were both so swollen that my feet were constantly sore.

I know, I know every pregnancy is different.

Christopher was due on Feb.12,2017 but i knew this befor any doctor told me , i mean with the technology avaliable at your finger tips its aslmost possible to perform surgery on your self and no matter how extreme that sounds , it is truth. The funny thing is that i had a feeling very early on that he would try to come on Valantines Day, i was somewhat correct in my thought because he decided to wait until Feburary 15, 2017 to make his grand entrance. I remember feeling worst than i had felt in months, i had the worst headache, my body was tired, back ached,breast so sore and my son was 4 days Post term. I was ready! i had two more days until i would be induced and i had everythig packed and ready to go.. at some point I knew it was time and I’m glad things unfolded the way that they did because I was feeling very tired and sick on the morning of February 15th right after Valentine’s Day, which I did not have a good one so I was in a bad mood from the day before period but I think that I was just ready I will say that my family is so thoughtful that for Valentine’s Day they bought me chocolate covered strawberries which are my absolute favorite and so even though I did not eat them on the 14th I managed to scarf them down the morning of the 15th I should have known then that it was time for me to go to the hospital.

 I waited around lunch and my husband came home to make a long story short I called the doctor and of course the assistant claims that I may just be having false labor, but I had to explain to her that I had been through this process twice and that I was over 40 weeks, so she tells me to come in and before she could even get a really good feel she said” oh yes you are ready, do not pass go, go straight to the emergency room.”

 It’s a good thing that I knew that because I had my bags already in the truck and off we went. My husband is a very calm guy so he was able to drive me and we were excited, we were finally going to see the Son that we so long for. And I was tired of carrying around his heavy butt. Now I never received an epidural with my first two pregnancies partially because I didn’t know what I was in for the first time and the second time I waited too late, but this time I had decided since it was my last time I didn’t want to go through the hell and hurt ….if I had only known. 

Everything is fine I get checked in by the sweetest nurse I believe she was an African lady and I just adored her, she was very calm and she kept encouraging that I was doing very very well. That’s always good to hear when you’ve got shooting pains from your front of your abdomen to the back of your abdomen all the way through to your pelvis and tailbone, and my husband still so calm getting me a towel for my head and such. So after getting checked in the nurse asked me if I was going to receive an epidural and without hesitation I told her “YES” , I knew that I did not want to go through any heavy pain but when we got there it was 4 o’clock and after going through all of my test getting me hooked up to monitors and making sure I’m not allergic to anything in the epidural comedy anesthesiologist comes in at 7:15. Mind you when they checked me before I went to the hospital I was already 6 centimeters dilated and so by now I am in full swing mode but hell I just wanted to pain go away. It was the most horrific pain I have ever felt in my entire life for the third time I asked myself what am I doing, am I dying??

 I received the meds and although the pain was numb the pressure was even worse for me, I could feel the nurse pulling and pushing on all of my naughty parts and they did not feel so naughty, they felt abused like someone was kicking me. But I knew it was all for a good cause, I can still feel the pressure as the nurse tells my husband that it’s time and calls for the doctor. All of this over me screaming help let’s go, get it out of me, is it time yet, oh my God this hurts so bad.. He came along at 8 p.m and out the gate he causes a disturbance, he pooped inside of me,he peed on the doctor, and he came out screaming. It was like he was telling her” oh no lady you don’t have to hit me on the butt I’m alive.” I could hear him crying over the heartbeat and blood that I could also hear rushing through my body, I heard the doctor scream that the baby had a lot of hair which would explain while I had a lot of heartburn.

 I was glad and ready to see him, I looked over at my husband’s face and he had the most beautiful smile. He was proud and so was I. I could not wait and when they finally brought him over to me, I laughed to myself because his eyes were already open he was looking directly at me. That’s the first picture that you see in the blog about complicated Chris, you see me holding him and a blanket and him looking at me with those eyes like what the hell is going on? I must admit my fingertips and most of my body were numb, my feet are swollen my who who was dead,I could not walk, I was starving , and all I wanted to do was get some sleep. Problem with that is when you’re in the hospital they’re always coming in the room for something, to poke you or to poke the baby, to check you or to check the baby, to see if your breastfeeding or to see if the baby had enough to drink and as tired as I was I was not in the mood to be bothered every few minutes out of the day. 

The only thing that matters is that he was here and I was ready to bring him home, I had no idea what I was really in for because I had it so easy with my first two pregnancies I thought this baby would be a breeze to and boy was I wrong!!!!!

His name is Chris

Geststional Diabetes?!?!

( I am very new to bogging so please be patient with me that i may become as versed as a professional)


Considering the fact that I had had my daughters in my mid-twenties here I was again trying, hoping, waiting to find out exactly what I was carrying. I believe this is when a mild and very subtle depression begin to kick in because I begin to feel sad, I had no energy to get up and do anything. My feet were swollen and I had these constant excruciating headache that were very difficult in the beginning but when I begin to take a prenatal they begin to subside however I still got them maybe two or three times a week.

So it’s now the middle of December of 2016 and my appointment is set up for right after Christmas break and I was okay with that, I was really glad that I would finally get a chance to be seen constantly through my pregnancy.  This is when I also begin to think that something else was wrong with me like maybe I had developed gestational diabetes, anyone who has diabetes knows that it is a serious condition and I’ve never had any major health issues in my younger life and so I don’t plan on doing blood testing on my arms and fingers for the rest of my life.

The day finally arrives and I am more than ready ,to be honest with you I know they’re going to tell me that I have some horrible condition like ketoacidosis or some form of diabetes. I wake up early jump in the shower and get dressed like I don’t have anything growing anywhere inside of me, when I look back at the situation I was screaming for help. Even though I put on a huge front like I wanted to have a natural at home or in a birthing center because at home is not safe, I have to tell you I was scared to death.

All I wanted to do was make sure everything was okay, so I jump in my car and get to the doctor’s office and was seeing fairly quickly and because it was right after Christmas break a lot of people did not have appointment so this gave me the perfect opportunity to be seen and to be screened as much as I need it.

The only problem I have with the center that I chose was for the fact that you never saw the same doctor twice, sometimes you saw a nurse practitioner, sometimes you would see a midwife and other times you saw the doctor other than that I was highly satisfied with the place that I chose to receive obstetrics care.

They call my name maybe 5 minutes after I got there and finished my paperwork and as we walk down this long hallway I began to feel a little queasy, and the nurse asked me for my sample of course I obliged and soon was dressed in that old so comfortable game that we all love to wear that you can’t close the back to.

I decided to take a deep breath and be happy that I finally will get the attention that I need comma I wait about another 5 minutes and in comes a really nice older woman of Eastern descent, she is very kind and warm and listen to every rent that I had about every issue that I had, that she asked about, I am sure she thought to herself “will this woman ever stop talking”? However  she listened and she smile gingerly, informing me that she was now going to proceed with the exam. She does so and sends off my culture, i grab my keys run to my car and thank the High Heavens that I can finally get some answers.

It 10:30 in the morning and I am starving!



My First Blog



So here I am on WordPress and I’m excited about it and yes the name of my page is complicated Chris because it’s based on the experiences that I’ve had with my most recent pregnancy of my only son.

I have two daughters they will be 11 and 10 this year and for some odd reason my husband and I decided that we wanted to have another baby a son what I did not realize when we made this decision was that I would have many complications with my son that we’re not to be seen by the medical eye but to be experienced in my physical and spiritual bodies.

My son was born February 15th of 2017 this year  and I had the date down pack from start to finish because we had planned this one unlike the previous two my complications begin at the beginning of the pregnancy comma unbeknownst to me I was still working out of the home at that time and was actually informed by my husband that I was pregnant because his eating habits have changed. I should have known right then and there that this was going to be a hell of a walk. In mid-august I decided it was time for me to stop working and to be with my family full time, and I tell you I am so glad that I did because I was sick my whole pregnancy. Morning sickness never went away and I swelled like a big balloon with a ton of helium, but I was okay with that as long as my baby was healthy and the slight chance that we were having a boy was also exciting. Funny thing is I did not know I was pregnant with a boy until I was close to giving birth, I pushed through anyways. Because my situation was a little complicated I received prenatal care when I was about 20 weeks along. I would never forget the day because I had complications even with seeing the doctor but I got things handled and was able to reschedule for the same day at a different Clinic. Of course the doctor ordered all of the standard test for pregnant woman and when we went to do the ultrasound for the first time my son was not cooperative. He was laying on his side and we were not able to see any of his extremities and of course he was just a 20-week fetus which made it all the more complicated. I and 35 years of age and with that comes complications so my doctor ordered me to go and have a more accurate ultrasound, little did I know that appointment I would never make. You don’t understand a different pregnancy until you go through the full pregnancy therefore I should have known at that particular time that I was having a boy because everything not just inside but also on the outside was complicated. I became frustrated over the next couple of weeks and felt hopeless about the situation but I never gave up because I wanted to make sure that my baby was healthy. The one good thing that I did get from that first visit though was a prescription for prenatal vitamins which I had not taken during my previous pregnancies and had not started taking during this one. I also understand that I put myself in a lot of these situations and could have totally handled the situation differently but my son is here now and I have so many stories to tell about him, no matter what issues that I may have had while pregnant and those that I continue to have in my post term I consider myself one of the luckiest woman in the world. Stay tuned for the rest of my story as I’m sure it will become more and more interesting with each post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog I am truly hoping that my story will help someone that may be going through what I went through and if that is the case then I am more than happy to share with you all.
Peace, love, and light to you all