Geststional Diabetes?!?!

( I am very new to bogging so please be patient with me that i may become as versed as a professional)


Considering the fact that I had had my daughters in my mid-twenties here I was again trying, hoping, waiting to find out exactly what I was carrying. I believe this is when a mild and very subtle depression begin to kick in because I begin to feel sad, I had no energy to get up and do anything. My feet were swollen and I had these constant excruciating headache that were very difficult in the beginning but when I begin to take a prenatal they begin to subside however I still got them maybe two or three times a week.

So it’s now the middle of December of 2016 and my appointment is set up for right after Christmas break and I was okay with that, I was really glad that I would finally get a chance to be seen constantly through my pregnancy.  This is when I also begin to think that something else was wrong with me like maybe I had developed gestational diabetes, anyone who has diabetes knows that it is a serious condition and I’ve never had any major health issues in my younger life and so I don’t plan on doing blood testing on my arms and fingers for the rest of my life.

The day finally arrives and I am more than ready ,to be honest with you I know they’re going to tell me that I have some horrible condition like ketoacidosis or some form of diabetes. I wake up early jump in the shower and get dressed like I don’t have anything growing anywhere inside of me, when I look back at the situation I was screaming for help. Even though I put on a huge front like I wanted to have a natural at home or in a birthing center because at home is not safe, I have to tell you I was scared to death.

All I wanted to do was make sure everything was okay, so I jump in my car and get to the doctor’s office and was seeing fairly quickly and because it was right after Christmas break a lot of people did not have appointment so this gave me the perfect opportunity to be seen and to be screened as much as I need it.

The only problem I have with the center that I chose was for the fact that you never saw the same doctor twice, sometimes you saw a nurse practitioner, sometimes you would see a midwife and other times you saw the doctor other than that I was highly satisfied with the place that I chose to receive obstetrics care.

They call my name maybe 5 minutes after I got there and finished my paperwork and as we walk down this long hallway I began to feel a little queasy, and the nurse asked me for my sample of course I obliged and soon was dressed in that old so comfortable game that we all love to wear that you can’t close the back to.

I decided to take a deep breath and be happy that I finally will get the attention that I need comma I wait about another 5 minutes and in comes a really nice older woman of Eastern descent, she is very kind and warm and listen to every rent that I had about every issue that I had, that she asked about, I am sure she thought to herself “will this woman ever stop talking”? However  she listened and she smile gingerly, informing me that she was now going to proceed with the exam. She does so and sends off my culture, i grab my keys run to my car and thank the High Heavens that I can finally get some answers.

It 10:30 in the morning and I am starving!




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