Changing this page for the good.

Hello all, and thank you for checking in with my blog. I come to you today as humble as I know how, and I know that this blog was made two honor my son however I feel it calling to share my practices here. 

Those of you here now have no idea of who I am or how I came to be and I decided I should share. My parents named me Roshanda s Caldwell and I have always been honored to carry that name however about five years ago I felt the need to change my name, and become the real me.

 I try my hardest not to infringe my belief system on anyone who is not attracted to or already involved in the lifestyle but there are so many great things about being a goddess. I felt this calling when I was a young child and at the tender age of 17 I begin practicing yoga with my first teacher by video, his name was Alan finger. I loved practicing with him because he was very gentle and although I never met him in person I felt his connection with me when I began practicing by video. 

I am now 36 years old and will be 37 on the 28th of June(CANCER LYFE) and although I have gone through periods where I decided I did not want to practice, or life was too hard for me to practice I have always felt the need to come back to the mat which in turn leads me to my goddess practice. 4 some that know me on a personal level it is hard to understand why this choice had to be made, but I sincerely feel that when it’s time to make that specific change in your life it will happen naturally. My whole life I have suppressed my gifts for being a spiritual being simply because of my ur bringing as a Christian funny thing is I always knew something was wrong with that for me. Now I never try to change anyone’s Faith or religion as I do not believe anyone should try to change mine, but my intention has always been to help my family and friends when called upon. 
There are times when the energy to be me was low as I had gone through depression since I was a little girl and did not know that I was suffering from depression and I also realize that I suffered because of suppression of my gifts and therefore I will no longer do or allow that. 

Therefore comes the change in my blog, I am hoping to post more as I have began to wined myself in all of my gifts instead of running from the mat, I now run to the mat. Instead of running from the fact that I am a kitchen goddess I now run to the kitchen when it’s time to help myself my family or my friends to move forward. It can be hard living on this Earth and trying not to allow evil to penetrate your forcefield, I learned early on that stones and crystals help me and they helped me to be able to clarify what I’m feeling on the inside, to magnetize my feelings and to validate my path. 

So comes the opportunity to walk that path exactly, Rosha is all about being a goddess and even though I answered my call later in life I had always practice and been on this path no matter how I wavered. I plan to post more of my work, spells, rituals and tips to help my fellow goddesses who have answered their call later in life to become more goddess like period that may sound funny to some but to those who are meant for the path it will be very clear,and I have some very simple advice for you. 
This is your life be who you want to be unapologetically and make no excuses for that. Because I also incorporate yoga into my practice it will also be included in my blog as over the years I have met many Yoga rock stars which have influenced me such as Donna farhi, David Swenson and the like I wont name drop too much I will simply state that each and every person that I have come into contact with on this beautiful paths have helped to influence me to become the better me. 

In this blog bye allowing myself to breathe relate, relax, and release and my advice is that you learn to do the same. I tend to end my sessions by sending so much love and light hence  I will do here… walk in the light and in order to receive you must give. Love is The Ultimate Gift so give it freely and give it often. Namaste!


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