Magical Time for Cancer, New Moon!

As i have said from the beginning, I am not a professional writer but i am a great Shaman Women. I have been healing myself and my family for many years.. I believe all mothers are Shaman weather they believe it or not.

When we look at the word shaman there are many definitions however it all translates in to a healer, a person able to communicate with the other side and although for some that may mean doing something either evil or not up to their standards is really” None of my Business… Yes.!” I said it and meant every word, and for those that know me will tell anyone that does not that “I dont put on a pony and dance show” and i am not going to pretend that the world is all Roses and chocolates.

Shamanism is what a mother does not what everyone else says that it is, i wont apologize  for being who i am, i have nothing to prove and there for no one to prove it to. Neptune’s Retrograde is about veils being lifted but instead of wasting energies with those that dont, in have to help those that do…


Cancers The Sun is Back!!!!!!!!And so is Mars!


We are in the spotlight with so much to be grateful for, Abundance abundance abundance!!!!! First off  Mars is back until the 20th of July so lets all enjoy that stamania, vitality, energy,sensual energy.

I can attest to feeling like a lovely little flower myself lately but i also enjoyed the energy of the Strawberry Full moon that we just had On June the 9th and when i tell you but was magnificent it was all that i needed to sweeten up the year. I got so much done, I moon bathed a my crystals, made some very powerful moon water, Money and love oil , made a few kits and worked on my jewelry which will be here in my store as soon as we can get everything up and listed.

I mean i really had so much energy to be creative, and because of zodiac being Cancer i willfully create the most in the kitchen(again shaman workings) As i write now i am make my powerful chia Tea for my family because of summer allergies.

So when celebrating summer solstice there are few things that I recommend doing just in order to bring in the season right, With the different planets moving Direct  and in retrograde June brings us to Neptune in retrograde.

For the next six months we will be feeling the effects of this specific planetary retrograde. When Neptune is direct there is a dreamy sort of glare like those Cheesy Glamour shot picture we used to take in the 90’s …You know, really romantically blurred and the like there’s a veil over our face and we’re in a dream like state.

However Neptune’s retrograde is not as harsh as we would say Mercury, I remember when Mercury was in retrograde a lot of the people that I communicate with on a normal basis we’re having trouble especially in the field of communication. That’s because Mercury in retrograde means chaos whether it’s cell phone communication, computer communication, personal or business. However Neptune retrograde is a time where the veil is lifted.

This is a time where we are gently nudged to do instead of think and daydream can feel like a time where everything is strained but really what Neptune is asking us to do is look at the situation for what it is and not what we dreamed it to be.

As Goddess it is my job to take time to look at the situations as it really is, one aspect that i always return to no matter the situation is Yoga.  Yoga has always been a place of rest, my mat welcomes me no matter the mood i am in, its a place to just be.

Crystal’s,  yoga, meditation and opening my charkas activate all those beautiful natural energies in me,i have always known them as they are DNA encoded.

New Moon happening on June 24th 2017( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) since summer is here i thought i would talk about a few things to Help with the Transition.


Start this one off with a cleansing Bath in sea salt preferable . Salt as a whole no matter which it is is always about banishing negativity and bad Juju however, different salts have different uses and different thing added. Be sure of what is being emitted in your purification/ cleansing bath  you should :

1.) Either make the Salt mixture yourself

2.) Buy from a trusted source

I say this because if you dont know what in your mix you can not be sure of what your targeting, this advice is simple for me as i love to mix and shake and stir and bounce, all sounds so Sexy to me! YASSSS Blitch!

Which brings me to my next point!!!


This is very important because often times we dont understand how we pick up other people energy which can stay with us and that could bring up all kinds of things that your may not understand or know where it comes from. I have heard this principle in my up bringing which was (Christian) but since i dont subscribe to that religious aspect i get the infamous (she crazy side eye).

 Crystals– I am a big fan of having a stone or crystal that purify all stones you bring into your space,such as Selenite {which activates the Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th) Charkas}. Selenite is great because it gives access to the spirit realm and spiritual communication,  when it comes to clearing the air and charging your stones, ‘Selenite will get you right.” 

I also keep a Clear Quartz in my home and preferable one in your purse. Now depending on what kind of Quartz you choose to have one thing to always keep in mind is that quartz is about magnification and amplification,knowing the power for which it posses  will also help to bring a clear meaning of its use.

Protection, Banishing negativity, Purification: Use stones such as  Golden Healer, Spirit quartz,Shun-gite,Moldative, and Pink Halite. 

Transformation,Inner light and Joy, Evolution, spiritual knowledge and wisdom: Use Natrolite, Azeztulite, Moonstone,Moldative,Lemurian Seed Crystal, Shiva Lingam.

Passion,Fire,Courage,Creativity,Sensuality,Sexuality,innovation, strength and vitality : Carry stones like,Carnelian,Ruby,Orange Calcite, and Fire opal.

Herbs have magical properties which is the reason when used is stead of  say; Table salt will not only add the flavor of that herb but will also infuse the oils of the Herb which is magical in itself, also natural elements  such as grave yard dirt and many other things that are accessible to you and though some will not agree with me I believe that if you know the use for anything natural dealing with light work then know how to use it and you do what you feel  not what some rules say.

Here is my Disclamer :I do not Follow any type of religion because its not who i am, i am accountable to self and to be mindful of what this being does. It is not my intention to represent any ones religion.

I use the spiritual technology that is avaliable to me, one will have issues with outside influence but when you know what to do it because second nature. There is no need for me to ignore what I have known to be true will not ring true for all.

Mars oh Mars up among the stars after 2 years you grace me with your open arms

Feeling Frisky???

Right now we are getting tremendous support and cheers from the universe ,it is the time to aim high and go for your hearts desires for the fact that you have the support you need and no other is needed, what you want will come so get ready. If your area of growth is that you need to work on your personal goals such as better relationship or finances in order. Don’t procrastinate Get up and MOVE .

Also Jupiter and Venus will bring major improvements in the house of finance and chosen field , Legal Document or litigation should be handled outside of court.  If you must engage just be careful of what you sign as it could come back to haunt you.

Also lets be mindful in the health department to watch your sugar levels,blood pressure and ears be sure to handle as soon as you notice that something is wrong.

My Born day on the 28th of June will bring me back here and please bear with me while i I am revamping my site, bring lot of information that i have soaked up over the years . I don’t have a fancy pictures and bells and whistles just yet, but keep watching I promise it will get interesting. 

“If you feel like this information was helpful for you, then there are at least two who could benefit too, please share this with someone who loves you.

And so it is!


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