The Magic of Covering your head.

Originated: sub-Saharan Africa

Meaning/purpose: modesty, spirituality, Prosperity, protection.

For as long as the beginning of time head wraps have been a part of our society, long before any recorded history women and men we’re using wraps on their head whether it was to protect them from the elements, or enhance their beauty or status symbolism. First recorded history of head wraps is around the 13th century B.C. Assyrian Text, it was a practiced reserved for Aristocrat women and or women of the faith however was forbidden for prostitutes and the  lower status and people were told that if they saw either one of these women or anyone who were not supposed to have a wrap on their hair actually wearing a wrap, they were to snatch it off their head and shame them in public. I’m sure you can use your imagination as to how that went, moving on!

Christianity and veiling.

Veiling was required for women who entered the church to cover their heads and this is still tradition in some Churches. 
(Disclaimer *** I am not a Christian!)

St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians explicitly refers to this:

“Every woman who prays or prophesied without her head covered dishonours her head.

Magic work and head wraps!

I get pretty squeamish when I hear someone say that they are new to the craft and that they have been performing Magic, most of the time the first thing that come to my head is “I wonder if she protected herself”? “I wonder if her home is protected”? 

After doing this for so long you learn to keep your home and yourself protected as such we are in a time where a lot of people are called to do lightwork, magic, witchery, shamanism or psychic work. I am ecstatic, there’s never been a time where I have more sisters in this life, but on top of that excitement lies worry, worried for any of my sisters who are doing this powerful work without protecting themselves.

For emitting positive energy,spirit communication, and Meditation.

White is for lightwork!

Black is for protection when Hexing and heavy duty work like curses, working with blood and demons. 

Watch out now!πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Protection is key! Wrapping your head is one of the most sacred rituals that you can do before you start ayour work, getting into the habit of wrapping your hair before you do any work insurers that you keep negativity out and keep positivity in, or that you are protecting your energy as you are doing work. 

There are tons of videos and blogs and vlogs on how to wrap your hair, there is no right or wrong way as long as it is wrapped comfortably so that you are able to maintain Focus. There are plenty of cultures and religions where you can observe the tradition of head wrapping, Voudun, Christianity, Muslims,Sikhs and many more, but what is most importantly is what you feel and how you feel. In order to get used to it my recommendation is that you wear your hair wrapped at least twice a week for a full day if you’re able to, this way you get used to something being on your head and can begin to tap into that Kundalini Rising from sacral chakra all the way to your crown chakra. Remember that by protecting your head from the spiritual elements you are in essence respecting your head.

Quick story:

I had a friend named Charlene now this happened several years ago, Charlene is well on her path and has been doing this since she learned her lesson.

Charlene followed several powerful wirches online and decided she wanted to perform a hexing spell on her ex, she prepped everything and begin to light her candles. Knowing that I had been in the lifestyle for quite some time she decided to do the work without asking the questions that were on her mind, one of them was should she wrap her head? She called me the next day so excited and elated that she had did her spiritual cleanse, her ritual and then sent out negative energy and the hex to her ex, I instantly knew something was wrong her energy was off and I told her that but she told me that she felt fine as such we went on our way.

 About a week later Charlene called me crying talking about how her hair is falling out, her hair was well past her shoulders wavy beautiful and thick, but when she sent me a picture I could see the dark energy attached to her. Charlene has double sevens as her karmic card and as a result she began to receive her karma instantly, she just had not noticed it until a week later. We discussed her workings and what she did do and what she didn’t, when she did not mention protecting herself I began to ask questions. 

The first thing I always ask about is protection because it is so important, her response to me was” it was just a little hexing spell should not have caused so much damage”… my reply to her was,” well, how damaged are you?” Of course I was being sarcastic, and this pissed her off but to be honest with you I did not care. You cannot do work on your own and then cry about what you did not do later, she knew that she should have asked me if she needed to do anything else. When I explained to her that the reason her hair was falling out was because she did a hexing spell without protecting her own energy and because her karma cards are seven which is Instant Karma that was the reason does she was having her problems.

 I said all of this to say what I’ve been saying from the beginning, 

“respect your head sisters protect your head”.

I do apologize as it was my intent to post pictures step by step instructions on how to wrap your hair, but after my search I saw that there were thousands of videos and blogs about it and to me it does not make sense to repeat information, I am here to disperse new information so that we can move to this next level together.

Last word:

I hear you-” I Been doing work and ain’t nothing happen to me yet.” 

To that I say- You want to become more powerful Bihh or you want to be low level?!?

Level up!

If this article resignates with you and you feel someone else needs to know this information, please share this article on your page and why don’t you give it a like while you’re here or you can leave a comment.

As always May the longtime sun shine on you my friend, until we meet again namaste


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