Smudging: The Art of Saging.

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 I know it’s been a minute but I’m back with some very interesting NEWS!!!! First and foremost I want to say that even though I had planned on going to the beach for my BIRTHDAY sadly it didn’t happen, (๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”) but I’m okay with that as I do understand that later will be greater. 

On that note for my birthday I had a very beautiful Cajun meal at a Louisiana spot here in Houston ducked off over in the heights area. I saw the most beautiful plants at this location and took a picture that I would like to share with you.

 Such a lovely site isnt it?!?!? It really did calm my anxiety about the whole issue, although I wasn’t to distraught about it because I knew that there was a possibility that we were not going to make it,and with that in mind let’s get to the topic for the week.

Smudging The Art of Saging

 Generally I Sage the most during a waning moon, If you’re not familiar with the moon phases you can easily check out and number of websites that will explain to you its phases, however this article is not typically focused on that topic.

When the moon is waning it is decreasing and therefore is the best time for this type of maintenance, I have found that doing this more while Moon is waning leaves my home free and clear for any work  that is necessary to flow during new moon , Now this is not to say that I do not Sage while the Moon is waxing it just so happens that I do this less during this time.

I partake in a banishing or clearing ritual at least once a week up until the Darkmoon ,where I like to give it a big shebang and do any major spell work during the this time. These rituals can be as simple as, taking my cleasning bath anywhere from 3 to 5 days, and of course I give myself plenty of time before the new moon to do this. 

 Anytime you are banishing and clearing for yourself is a good time to do for your home, doing this can range anywhere from sweeping your home of all negative Energies, washing your floor with a magical floor wash, saging your home anywhere from 3 to 5 days anytime before the dark moon, or cleaning around your windows in order to sprinkle fresh black salt to keep negative energy from entering your home.

 Financial blessings, new love, or calming the atmosphere in the home. No matter what your target or reasoning for wanting to clear the space in your home, it’s always the best time during a waning moon.

If you choose not to clear your home you leave yourself and your space without any defense, and when you are not sure what’s lurking can be an explanation as to why what you put out into the universe has not come into fruition,so it’s safe to say that it is important to do what is necessary.
Simple right? 

If you are not sure what type of energy is lurking in your home, this is understood by simple way of recall. Ask yourself these simple questions ..

Do you feel stressed out in your home? 

Are you sad or feel sad when entering ? 

Do you cry and have panic attacks say in a certain room in the home?

 Is someone in your home having nightmares?

 Do you hear loud bangs and bumps when there’s no one else in the home? 

These are all important things to know and more importantly where you should focus when clearing your space.

There are many different types of herbs that you can smudge with, more than likely if you watch the Youtube video, Google a article on smudging, or if you’ve been passed down the knowledge from your ancestors then you are familiar with White sage.

White sage:

There are so many wonderful things to be said about white sage, more importantly it is best to note that it is best for removing negative energy such as sadness, or the energy after you’ve had an argument with your spouse,partner or anyone in your home. 

My Example;

I know sometimes when I am feeling lazy, or in a really nasty funk I will light some Sage and use my Feather fan to focus on specific areas where I feel the most negatively….Most of the time it’s about washing my dishes, LOL. I am sorry but there are so many people in my home and I am always in the kitchen washing dishes. It really is the dread of my life, so I sage  myself and it gives me a quick pick up and soon I’m done with the dishes ready to move on to somthing else.

( I have to insert a disclaimer here, if you are pregnant saging is not recommended, I remember the one time that I did try it when I was pregnant with Christopher and If I tell you I had a headache for 2 days. I honestly could not get rid of that headache. You should go with a more gentle option in order to cleanse and clear your space,before you cleanse your space please do more research to find out what would work best for you.

 on the Lighter Side I’ve heard some of my witchy sisters make reference to Sage spray, magical floor washes, and Florida water. Again I reiterate that there are so many options you simply need to look up a few different sources to make the connection.


 Something else I generally like to use when I’m smudging my home is Palo Santo,This wonderful little miracle bark is so powerful.
Palo Santo is what you would use to remove a more stubborn type of energy such as evil eye, hexes, curses, any type of psychic attacks that you feel. I have to admit when I first begin burning Palo Santo I was overpowered by the scent, it was definitely something for me to get used to and it was new to my little family. You would use it the same way as you would white sage and the same method.


 Something that has become more common and my magical use is the use of a Feather fan. This is a technique that is used to spread the smoke in a wider area much faster.
One thing you don’t want to do is be stuck walking around the room without something to help push the smoke in much-needed areas as sometimes a specific area (usually the corners of the room) need a little extra attention.
In the beginning I used to walk around with one feather and this work perfectly fine for me as at that time, I was not knowledgeable as how to craft my on feather fan and the prices for some of those fans can be quite pricey. I can be a little extra, but usually I like to add my own sass.Recently I began crafting my own feather fans, just so that I could lace my own intention and Power into them, some fans (as beautiful as they are) seem to be quite boring to me.

When I am clearing my home of negative energies I am usually inviting my ancestors,Spirit guides,Archangels and African deities into my home so I felt compelled that when making my own feather fans to add some color and give it some pop.
If you are interested in receiving a feather fan of your own, you can check them out in my Etsy shop, they’re usually quite reasonable and not as elaborate as some that are 35 Plus dollars. I generally try to make them simple but elegant,and if you have any questions or concerns or maybe just general ideas you can email me at

Another disclaimer I should insert is to always give negativity a way to escape, when I am saging my home I usually have the windows closed unless the kiddos are in the hall, other than that I leave the windows and doors closed so that the smoke can saturate each and every crevice that I am focusing on and after a few minutes I will open all windows that I have access to, and even crack the doors.

  Saging can be just as strong as 16 people smoking cigarettes in your home so  you want to give the smoke a chance to clear the air. 

Always use fire safety.

 Please have a container such as an abalone shell or something to carry with you while you Sage, because you are burning a natural herb there tend to be ashes,So dropping them is inevitable.

Last side note, you can use dried rosemary dried mugwort, and a host of other Herb’s in order to smudge your home, white sage works best for me and Palo Santo at least twice a month keeps the air clear in my home and the communication lines open. When practicing your craft, make it your own and don’t let anyone tell you what is best. Trust your intuition it is something that we all have and something that we all can apply at any particular time in our life.

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Here is the Exciting news!!!!

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I have to tell you I’m so excited about the Itsy shop, and you never know what you’re going to find there because I am a crafty mom I am always crafting up something new. I hope you find something that tickles your funny bone, or tingles your witch  bone.

May the longtime sun shine upon you my friend, until we meet again. Namaste